Kasper Lasia provides an heir apparent at midfield

Kasper Lasia provides an heir apparent at midfield

By Thomas Becker

Lewis Page may have found his midfielder of the future in Kasper Lasia.

Lasia joins a team that suddenly became young at the pivotal position now that Ignacio Sanchez and Lucas Ross have graduated, but Page is confident in the young footballer. 

"Kasper is a real box-to box-midfielder," he said. "He's good in the air, he can defend and he's an excellent passer of the ball."

With Lasia's strong passing skills and ability to orchestrate the offence, he'll be counted on to get the ball to veteran forwards Mohammad Jaber and Cohen Reddick-Stevens so that they inflict some damage.

"I'm a tidy player who can keep the ball well in position," said the former Ottawa TFC midfielder. "I find myself in good positions and read the game well, both offensively and defensively."

The 18-year-old's greatest strength may be his versatility, as he can play anywhere in the midfield and is comfortable around the pitch. The question is how quickly can he get acclimated to a demanding AUS slate?

"I heard the game is played more physically in the AUS so that's something I'm expecting," Lasia said. "My goals heading to the season is to play my role as a part of the team and do everything I can to help make another playoff appearance."

When he visited the school earlier in the year, Lasia said he was overcome by what UPEI had to offer, namely the upbeat communal feel.

"At UPEI I'm not just joining a school, I'm joining a community. After spending a full weekend there, I was astonished with how positive the environment was and I was impressed with the facilities, too," he said. "I also had a strong connection with coach Page and value having someone as experienced as him believe in me."