Jim Foley

Jim Foley

It was always easy to spot Jim Foley on a football field.  That’s because he seemed to be everywhere.  

There he is directing the offence as quarterback.  There he is punting the ball.  That’s him on the punt return team.  And now he’s making a tackle from his position as defensive halfback.

Not too shabby for this new kid on the block from Ottawa who came to St. Dunstan’s in 1966.

In his rookie year, Foley was named the team’s Most Valuable Player. In his second year, he was again the sparkplug of the team.  In the 1968–69 season, Foley was MVP of the Bluenose Conference. He was also the rushing leader with 809 yards and the rushing average leader at 9.6 yards per carry.  In his senior year, now wearing the green-and-white of the UPEI Panthers, Foley led the League in most kick-off return yards (377) and the highest kick return average. He was also named UPEI’s first Male Athlete of the Year.

Over four seasons of collegiate football, Foley scored 198 points and was the acknowledged workhorse of his teams.  He is, quite simply, the best football player ever at St. Dunstan’s and UPEI.

Foley would eventually go on to star in the Canadian Football League.  But it is for his exploits on the fields at St. Dunstan’s University, UPEI, and around the Atlantic Intercollegiate League that he is being honoured tonight as a new inductee into the UPEI Sport Hall of Fame.