Panthers find reason to celebrate despite loss to Mount Allison

Panthers find reason to celebrate despite loss to Mount Allison

By Thomas Becker

The Mount Allison Mounties played spoiler on Senior Day as they took down the UPEI Panthers 1-0 Saturday afternoon.

Morgan Lundin put away the header in the 61st minute to give the Mounties their only win of the season. 

"It was a hard year, but we really needed this win at the end of the season," Lundin said. "It's especially nice for our only senior, Erin Cecchetto. We wanted to win and that goal was for her."

Lundin and the Mounties are hoping to take this win and build from it in hopes of better days ahead.

"Next year we're looking to continue to bond as a team and hopefully we can bring in a good group of first-years who can come in and help us out." 

For the Panthers, the game served as a microcosm of the season as a whole. UPEI struggled with their offence again, resulting in a single shot on goal that was easily picked up by the keeper. 

Despite the disappointing outcome, the day was very much a celebration of veterans Danielle Younker and Jennifer Balderston and their five-year journey at UPEI.

Balderston was a versatile player who could play both in the midfield and on defence. She also had a killer strike from distance that led to many highlight-worthy goals.

"They tell you the five years goes by fast and that's definitely true," Balderston said. "Danielle and I have been playing for awhile and it's kind of an end to an era. It's sad now, but we can look back and appreciate where we came from."

Younker, meanwhile, was an all-star defender who brought a sense of calm and toughness to the back line. 

"It's definitely been an amazing five years and I'm very thankful for all the friends I made," Younker said. "Soccer has been such a big part of my life. It's my favourite thing to do and it's my passion. There will be a big gap without it, but I'll still come out and support this team as an alum."

Photo Credit: Janessa Hogan