Bump, Set, and Smashed Volleyball Tournament Results

Bump, Set, and Smashed Volleyball Tournament Results
Panther Volleyball rookies Erika Miller and Sam Gerbig said they began recruiting early, and it paid off, as the two freshmen put together a 'strange combination of players' to claim the 3rd Annual Bump, Set and Smashed fundraising tournament over the weekend.

Ten teams participated Friday and Saturday in the co-ed fundraiser for Women's Volleyball at the Sports Centre, sponsored this year by Molson Coors. The laid-back, two-day tourney featured UPEI student/athletes of all description, size and ability, including some (particularly on Saturday morning) that seemed to be playing volleyball for the first time.

More than forty round-robin and playoff games were played before 'Spiked Punch' was declared the winner, edging 'Sets Addicts Anonymous' 2-0 in the Championship Match.

Tourney creator Emilie Sullivan was not able to play this year, but followed the action via live streaming to Mexico.

'Spiked Punch' includes Erika Miller, Sam Gerbig, Sadie Milner, James Driscoll, Alex Orasuk, Jeremy Thompson and Connor Moerike.

The runners-up includes Karli Aucoin, Ryan Cheverie, Pat MacDonald, Morgan Campbell, Sheldon Cudmore, Breanne Lewis, Stefan Boudreau and Kendra Carpenter.

'Spiked Punch', winners of the 3rd Annual Bump, Set and Smashed volleyball tournament includes (L-R)

Connor Moerike, Sam Gerbig, Erika Miller, Alex Orasuk, James Driscoll, Jeremy Thompson and Sadie Milner